N is for “NO” more Shopping on Black Thursday a.k.a. Thanksgiving

N is for “NO” more Shopping on Black Thursday a.k.a. Thanksgiving

NO" more Shopping on Black Thursday a.k.a. Thanksgiving
Over the years, traditional Black Friday has morphed into Thanksgiving Day becoming the start of the holiday shopping season. I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving Day has always been a day for family, friends, and festivities. Do you really want your guest leaving early, especially, after all, the hard work and time spent preparing Thanksgiving Dinner? Is standing in line for a discount worth the disruption of family time? Is it fair to all those who work in the retail industry to lose family time?
Good news! The pendulum is beginning to swing, some retailers and even malls will be going back to the traditional Black Friday, and some retailers like Home Depot, HH Gregg, and TJ Maxx will be closed on Thanksgiving.
As consumers, we are in control of how we spend our holidays. If we want to keep “Thanksgiving” as a national holiday and a day spent with family and friends, say “No” to Shopping on Thanksgiving.
Choose to honor this day as it was originally intended; Thanksgiving is a day to spend precious time with the people you love. So stay home with family and friends and be grateful for all that is good in life.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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