Y is Why “YOU” Should Have a Checklist for During a Divorce

Y is Why “YOU” Should Have a Checklist for During a Divorce

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Staying level-headed during a divorce is no easy feat, especially when there are a million things to be done in order to keep everything moving smoothly. Remember to pace yourself and breathe. And for all other needs, You should have a divorce checklist during divorce. Below are some handy ideas to help you create your checklist while going through a divorce.

Keep a Journal

Often the simple act of writing your feelings down can help to process and understand your emotions. Even just 10 minutes a day can have a considerable impact. Try to set aside a little time each day to jot down some feelings or notes. And make sure to write in whichever style helps you the most.

Avoid Social Media

Social media has become a way for people to showcase the highlights of their lives, and frequently this leaves the people looking in feeling insecure. You don’t need extra negativity and drama in your life! Limit your screen time and focus on other activities that bring you joy.

Consider your Next Career Move

Your life has most likely changed, and that means you need to look and see if your job needs to change as well. Do you need to cut back or increase hours to accommodate the changes? Do you need to quit or find a new job? Be realistic with you and your family’s future needs.

Use your Team

Don’t forget your lawyers, financial advisors, and therapists are there to help you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek out their help!

Prioritize Self-Care and Friends and Family

Most importantly, prioritize yourself and the ones that are there for you during this time. Make time for a weekly coffee date or time to exercise. It’s OK to slow down and unwind!

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