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Today's trust is different. The S.D. trust provides flexibility, security, and privacy at any stage. 

From your first steps toward building wealth, a family or starting a business. Protecting your assets for the next generation. A South Dakota Trust helps protect your assets for the next generation. It provides smart tax planning and is adaptable as your needs change. 

A South Dakota Trust provides a flexible infrastructure. Giving you more control of your wealth. From planning your legacy to setting the foundation for the future. 

See how we can guide you in your journey. 

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How a South Dakota Trust Can Give You More Flexibility and Control over the intent of the trust.

How to Distribute the money. Mandatory Vs. required distributions of income.

Advantages of a South Dakota Trust Structure: Distribution Administrative Trustee Investment Committee.

Learn about the "use it or lose it" situation for estate lifetime transfers. Passing your family business to the next generation.

Questions to ask when setting up the trust: Is the asset liquid or illiquid?:

Is it able to be sold or do other shareholders have rights of first refusal?

Can an asset be sold without other shareholders approving it?

What does an investment committee need to consider when investing for a trust?

What does an investment committee need to consider when investing for a trust?

What are your responsibilities as a trustee?

Questions you need to ask when setting up the trust:

What is the duration of the trust How long is the trust expected to last?

What is the value of trust Assets? How is it being valued? Who will be the beneficiaries of the trust?

Potential Change in Circumstances Such As: Divorce Death Marriages Grandchildren The best way to ensure the trust is used the way you intend is to put it in writing. Is your intent clear?

What is a Spendthrift Trust? The best practice is to set distribution standards. This leads to the benefits of a South Dakota Trustee infrastructure which allows for a distribution committee.

Thank you for watching. I'm Ann Zuraw and I'm here when you want to discuss trust.

Who's Whom in a Trust?

The Beneficiary of a trust. A Grantor or Settlor. What is the Grantor's Role"?

The importance of Trust Wording.

Setting up a "Spend Thrift Trust". The South Dakota Trust infrastructure using a Distribution Committee is an advantage in interpreting the intent of a trust.